We serve juveniles in Maine in various capacities.

What We Do

Transformation Project currently partners with Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland, Maine, which houses both male and female juvenile offenders. Together with Long Creek, we provide programs and services designed to help these young people learn, grow, discover, and prepare for their futures.

Ken Hawley and other volunteers spend extensive amounts of time in Long Creek, supporting the youth by mentoring, re-entry programming and providing building relationships with them. They plan events, programs, and activities, connecting personally with the kids with the intent of becoming their “new familiar” even after they leave the facility.


TTP’s volunteers go into Long Creek regularly to mentor and support in various areas of the facility. There are many different ways to get involved as volunteer – some of the more popular ways include serving within a group or becoming a one-on-one mentor.

As the residents prepare to be released from Long Creek, they have the opportunity to work with Ken and other members of TTP to plan for a successful reintegration back into the community.  The service plan can include going to live with family, a step-down program, or even to independent living. Whatever the case, Ken and TTP are there to ensure the much-needed support – including job training, educational support, family support and mentoring, life skills and eventually transitional housing – continues. We are dedicated to seeing these young people succeed and win once they leave Long Creek!

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