About the Cafe

Under the umbrella of the Transformation Project, our cafe is a program where Maine’s marginalized can discover and refine their gifts and talents under the supervision of people invested in their personal and professional growth. We will provide an intensive, real-world training ground, employment incubator, supportive cohort, and connection point with the greater community that champions the success of those re-entering our communities.


Operational Details

● Intensive, real-world training and employment incubator for 40 participants annually.

● Practical job training in retail, culinary arts, customer service, marketing, and/or business management.

● Creating self-sufficiency, respect, honor, dignity, and faith to help fulfill their potential.

Behind The Vision

He was a precious 17 year old with a treasure chest of gold and purpose hidden within him. This young man was a leader, writer, and a good speaker filled with hope for his future. While in lock-up, he wrote “Today is actually a new day for me, my heart, because I just saw the light for the first time in this cell last night… someone took the time to open the door of my heart and show it love, warmth and the plan God has in this world with my name as a part of it.”

Like so many of our incarcerated, he had a dream and longed for a place where he could go after leaving corrections – a place to be loved and encouraged to be all that he was created to be. Sadly, shortly after his release from Long Creek, he was found shot to death.

With increasing recidivism and a drug epidemic that is ravaging our state, killing an estimated five Mainers per week, our mission is to stop sad endings like this. How? By providing opportunities for people like him who are re-entering our communities. The purpose of New Day Café is to create a sense of belonging and accomplishment by providing a platform to share their potential and their purpose while offering hope and restoration to our Maine communities.


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